Soap gossip

This weeks round up of the UK’s soap world from February 25 – 29


Heather recovers well after the gas leak and starts her fight to get baby George back from Darren. Shirley plans her wedding to Phil which is in two weeks time although the soap world is unsure on the outcome due to the secret Glenda is hiding regarding her affair with Albert Square’s hard-man.

Whitney then meets a dark stranger called Rob, who is not all as he seems. This story line is running alongside charity, Comic Relief which is highlighting sexual exploitation.

Coronation Street

Dev is in turmoil over the finicial difficulty he is in after Becky stole the money from his shop safe. In an ironic turn, Dev turns to Steve to ask for 5 grand to get him back on his feet.

Julie ends up slightly worse for wear and makes a pass at Tyrone.


Gilly struggles to cope when news of his night with Jacqui spreads about the village. Poor Tom is forced to move back in with what is left of the Osbourne clan and Cheryl is surprised by an old friend whilst supporting Mercedes in Ireland as she lays Malachay to rest.

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