Underoath – In Division

After a few months of black metal, soft rock and the almighty Jessie J. It is refreshing to hear some long awaited post-hardcore, progressive slur from experts, Underoath. The single, In Division is certainly a strong enough single to wet the appetite for full length album, Disambiguation, due for release 04.04 on RoadRunner Records.

Newest drummer, Daniel Davison (Norma Jean)gets a chance to show off his suitability for the band since joining in 2010 and vocalist Spencer takes the opportunity to try out some cleaner sounding vocals.

In Division draws you in with a soft, electronic intro before those raspy vocals kick out accompanied by a dark groove that really gets into your head. A speedy start lures you into the track before it takes a turn around. Maybe a few too many changes in tone could provide those not used to the genre a difficulty in appreciating the band but the clean vocals and harmony certainly add a brand new depth to our long standing Christian friends.

However much of an Underoath fan you are or not, this new single certainly shines out from the current trends in Metal so here is hoping Disambiguation can hold the same title.


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