DevilDriver: Beast

The Heavy Metal lords of this generation, DevilDriver, have uploaded their upcoming album, Beast, online for streaming. The actual date for their fifth release is February 22 on RoadRunner Records however, fans can listen to the full length through their Myspace Page.

Album Cover

Beast doesn’t mess about with opening track, Dead To Rights. Proving these guys are of a status that they deserve to be, with full power and brutality kick starting this album. Littered about with guitar solos all over which make you sit up and take note. Devildriver still include their intense and unrelenting trademark sound with tracks like Hardened which doesn’t give up throughout.

True Devildriver fans won’t be disappointed with this effort as the album is full of addictive hooks and awesome riffs like in Coldblooded which can be slayed on the dance floor by air guitar fanatics all over.

Vocalist Dez and the gang have brought nothing new with this installment however the well-known Devildriver sound is still a fresh one that is yet to date. Beast is certainly one to add to the collection, if only for the intense brutality and to have some new tracks to shout along to. The only reason to advise against the purchase is if you are expecting something brand new. If you are, then best of luck with that hunt!


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