Not Myself Tonight by Christina Aguilera 2008

By Georgi Bomb

Britney Spears’ new video was my search of the morning for no particular reason other than it was better than watching Jeremy Kyle. Youtube does it usual addictive offer of bringing up similar videos and I came across various videos from talented female solo singers like Christina Aguilera. Her single, Not Myself Tonight, if you haven’t seen is borderline cringe-fest.

PVC, gag balls, domination and general kinky sex implications make up this video with Aguilera’s distinctive voice blaring over the top. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of women like Aguilera but I can’t help but feel sad. Not that sad of course, but maybe disappointment in women like this. Past Madonna tracks and even Rihanna have jumped on this band wagon (check out Ri-ri’s video for S & M). They all seem to be competing for this Lady Gaga shock value.

I don’t care if you are trying to change your image or you think it is a way of selling records. Do parents REALLY want their young, impressionable girls watching things of this nature produced by their idols? I’m no prude but I can’t help that feel by producing raunchy videos like these leave very little to go elsewhere…what next, full on porn? Maybe a snuff video?

From Rihanna's latest video for S&M 2011

Just because Gaga does it doesn’t mean others have to follow suit, it looks desperate and sad. The lads and boy bands don’t have to do it so don’t assume that the only way women can sell records is by satisfying old man fantasies which are so predictable its embarrassing. How about a new approach to selling records like using your ACTUAL talent? There is a thing as too much Gaga and her Marilyn Manson copy-cat shock tactics. I suppose if we are wishing for things then maybe I should add how about these old men change their fantasies and stop being so boring, PVC and domination is SO 1990s! Maybe think about your little daughter wanting to dress up like Aguilera and Rihanna and perhaps there will be a rethink on what you do and don’t approve.

Now I’m off to watch something innocent like Cephalic Carnage’s latest video……


One thought on “Desperation

  1. Completely agree with you here. This type of thing either works or doesn’t. It rather irritates me when Pop stars attempt to incorporate ‘Fetish’ into their videos, which for them is a tool, but for many is a way of life. They have no idea what their talking about. Rihanna gets my vote for worst female pop star role model, I sure as hell wouldn’t want my daughter singing along to ‘Rude boi’

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