On trailer, this film looks like a standard, intense thriller type thing. I certainly wouldn’t say horror although I was a bit scared but that maybe because I am a bit tired. I think as soon as someone says satan/devil/scary religion crap, then people decide it HAS to be a horror film.

The short version is some people get stuck in a lift and they all start dying. Security and the police are watching on CCTV and try to save them. Then it is told there is a myth that the devil has turned up wanting to kill a few people for giggles. All may or may not end happily. Plus a few others have to cop it too and there HAS to be a twist. Which is almost predictable but doesn’t hinder the movie.

If the film had more shots of the lift scenes, maybe it would have expressed the (fantasy) situation and peril a bit more. There was a lot of cutting to and from the police officers who are trying to save the day. Aside from that, a very good film. A high dose of intensity and enough blood and scares to warrant a watch for sure.

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